Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lilly Allen in Giles Deacon

I was just reading the stuff about Lilly Allen and her ETOH fun in London on her page because they just talked about it in Access Hollyweird.
Well I don't care a hoot about what she does.
I have been equally sauced.

This dress was the Bambi dress for the S/S 08 Giles Deacon Collection. I know because I reviewed Deacon when I was writing for the L Report for the psychopath that ran it. I was in love with this dress the minute a I saw it . If you have any doubt this woman was completely off her rocker just ask my former colleague writers, Monica D'Imperio and Alana Amstrong... We are really good friends after that experience...LOL.
We were writing for free as "interns" and she promised us Vogue , Elle and InStyle after we did the free gig at her site. she treated us like POOP!!!
When it failed to launch, she stole Alana's and my articles, slapped her name on them and passed them off as hers.
I can prove that they are mine because I saved them on Word in my computer before uploading them to wordpress and I never signed a release. And you know, that pesky issue of not getting paid. Thus I hold the copyright :-)

And here is my review of that collection....
It is SO DREAMY!!!!!

London Fashion Week: Giles

It is hard for me to write an objective review of a Giles Deacon collection because I love Giles Deacon, let me count the ways… I fell in love with his clothes at first sight because they are clothes that not only are beautiful in their own right; they make the woman wearing them beautiful. This was something that became a revelation when I saw the photo of the radiant Miss Beth Ditto in an incredible gold lame Giles Deacon dress in British Vogue, which has become one of this year's most iconic images.

This was Giles Deacon's eighth collection for his own label. His shows are hot ticket events where his super-model fans flock in to pay tribute– Linda Evangelista, Agyness Deyn and Karolina Kurkova have all flown in to assist in the past. After graduating from Central St Martins in 1992, Deacon worked for Jean Charles De Castelbajac in Paris for two years and from 1998 until 2000 he was a designer at Bottega Veneta and the Gucci Group. He also designs the women's ready-to-wear collection for Daks and a range for New Look.

The S/S 2008 had something for every taste. He started the show with stunning, yet completely surprising tailored grey denim dresses that had a sense of sobriety yet were completely drenched in the romanticism that followed throughout the rest of the collection. The dresses had a frothy, girly, sometimes "Hairspray"-sweet feel, which was tempered intermittently with a Sex Pistols album-inspired print, and some beautiful ombrÄ— prints which in fact were out-of-focus photos of Kate Moss. One of the most striking pieces in the collection was a perfectly tailored white coat that had knitted rubber bands adorning the front in the guise of fur. The attention to detail and handwork in pieces is masterful and the construction standards impeccable.

Giles Deacon is the Debussy or the Merce Cunningham of fashion. His collections are a free-flowing exercise in unabashed creativity but the end result is symphony for the eye and a joy to behold.



Elizabeth said...

yeah im in love with that dress too. . .freaking hilarious

Milla said...

The print is to die for...
I love, love, love Giles Deacon.
And the silhouette is awesome too.
The only problem I have with it, is that the print is not matched at the seam and the side seam is crooked on the skirt...
For the price, he should be a little more meticulous.
But maybe she borrowed a sample...