Monday, September 24, 2007

Glamour Magazine Messes With America’s Lovely Betty

I was at the grocery store with my mom purchasing cleaning supplies, when we get to the magazine racks at the checkout counter.

There was this girl in a cute puple dress on the cover of Glamour. She looked vaguely familiar, yet so very alien. Alien is the most apt description I could possibly think of....
The girl is America's new sweetheart and poster girl for health and normality, America Ferrera, the heroine of the awesome show "Ugly Betty".

America is right now one of the very few celebs I would love to have a bahn mi and vietnamese coffee with, or to rummage through racks of clothing at Decades with, because she seems intelligent, grounded and she is an incredibly talented actress as she demontrated in the movie "Real Women Have Curves". The woman just glitters.

America is also one of the few beautiful Latina faces in Hollywood along with my adored countrywoman Salmita Hayek who also produces Ugly Betty and both are making waves and making our people proud. The 2007 Oscars with the nominations for González Iñárritu and Guillermo del Toro made my heart swell with Mexican pride. We need more positive role models in Hollywood like these amazing and creative folks.

Both Salma and America are extremely size-positive people and strong women.
And both have taken a huge amount of insane criticism, because both do not meet the Hollywood standard of the starved and malnourished white chick starlet.

No offense, but if I looked like Lindsay Lohan et al., I would go on a steady diet of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food until I looked like a human menstruating woman again.

But Glamour could not leave perfectly beautiful alone.
They had to skinnify and perform Photoshop radical "cosmetic" surgery on America. And they did a FA ( freaking awful) job to boot.
They made her look literaly like a Latina version of ET.

Do fashion magazine editors really thing that we ONLY want to see freakishly thin folk as beautiful?
Or are they just more body dysmorphic than the rest of us?

It pisses me off that they cannot accept one of the very few healthy and beautiful women in Hollywood and put her on the cover in the gorgeousness that is her reality.

That is not her neck (it was slimmed and elongated) , her arms ( they were made thinner too, like in half) or her body. They basically just took her head and slapped it on Lilly Cole or Agyness Deyn's body.

I personally think it is criminal and offensive.

I want to see women like America, Salma , Queen Latifah and other not skinny women on the cover of more magazines.
And I want to see them just the way they are.

They should take a cue from Ugly Betty. Beauty comes in all kinds of packages. And the only kind of beauty that matters and that lasts is the one that shines from the inside out.


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