Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Celeb2Plus Couture: Dita Von Teese and Me

I am a big believer that with imagination, good taste, consciencious shopping and confidence, anyone can wear the same styles ( and sometimes the EXACT same clothes) as skinny chicks and pencil thin celebs.

Case and point the fabulous Dita Von Teese who is one of my style icons.

Recently, I attended my best friend's wedding in Austin.

And Ditta attended some sort of Patrick Demarchelier/ Dior event.

And we both anchored out looks on the EXACT same couture piece; Thomas Pink's Tuxedo Shirt from his luxury White Collection.

This is how Ditta wore hers:

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And this is how I wore mine:

I did the bow tie because I was going to leave it undone like Dita but the Bride rolled her eyes and made me tie it.

I am wearing my Thomas Pink tux shirt with a vintage men's tux jacket from Marks & Spencer, a Ralph Lauren silk skirt, a vintage beaded evening bag, Taryn Rose flats and crochet gloves from the gift shop at the Victoria and Albert Museum. You cannot see my fabulous skull ring, but it's from Topshop.

Here is a photo of my absolutely fabulous hairdo which was 50% Marie Antoinette, 50% Elvis...

Rocking it and still eating our cake ;-)


lady_beca said...

ahhh the incomprable dita... so many kinds of yummy. sadly so many kinds of hollywood stuck up. ahhh well, really fun to look at none the less. me, i loved her in green for the canes film festival. and i love that she's a star for taking her clothes off and strutting about in corsets.

and yes, your hair lookd way cool.

Milla said...

You rock my friend..
Yes, she is the bomb...
Is she stuck up?
I had heard that she was nice...
I have to agree..
Where other women go gaga over Angelina, I think Dita is WAY sexier.
Thank you!
Miss ya and love ya...
Get thyself over here already :-)

Jalyn said...

I too have a Thomas Pink's Tuxedo shirt. Used to wear that occasionally.

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