Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blogging PR: V for Vagina

So like I have not written in a week because I have been CRAZY busy packing for my insane relocation to London-town ( leaving August 11th) and actually having a blast in my last days here...
Last weekend was Pride here in San Diego or as I like to call it, MY Xmas. The parade Saturday was awesome and Sunday me and my friend and now my very own Team Milla- Celebrity Personnal Assistant ( he will be moving with me to London.... Now, I am EXACTLY like Anna Nicole minus the dismal taste level, substance abuse issues and pets...PA, 60 year old obscenely wealthy suitor and all) went to the festival to see Kathy Griffin perform.Then we met up with my sweet, adorable pookie Tomek and we had a blast walking on the OB pier and hanging out.
We have been working really hard at organizing everything so I don't leave a mess.
Yesterday night we actually had a Project Runway watching party here and Alyosha came over and fixed his extra special White Russians.
By the time we got to watching the show, I was pretty pissed.Not angry pissed, drunk pissed.
The challenge this week was to create a cocktail dress with environmentally friendly fabrics with the caveat that the models had input and did all the fabric and notion purchasing.
Why did most of them only buy like 2 yards of fabric when most models are like 6 feet tall? I swear you'd think that, because several of the dresses barely covered their coocheal area.
I am so over really short dresses. Really on anyone. It is kind of gross and if I was cool with examining other chicks 'ginas, I would have become a gyno. I seriously pass.
I was kind of stoked that Natalie Portman was the guest judge. I love her. Here is a young woman with class, poise and style and a celebrity who actually has an IQ in the triple digits and carries herself with dignity and not like a crack whore. Just imagine, a young celebrity that graduated from a decent university! Plus she actually has acting talent... So, I love me some Natalie Portman.
So let the bitchfest begin...

Sprout ( I call him that because he is such as Stephen Sprouse wannabe) got lucky!! His model brought his a fabric in a beautiful vibrant pink and he actually did something I liked with it.. I kind of love the neckline and it is not so short as to be gynecological. It kind of has a whiff of Lavin-ish going on...
This was a cuti-sh dress It had an Audrey Hepburn-y vibe although I would have liked like 3 more inches on that hem
I am SHOCKED there were no French Maid or cancan dancer comments made in reference to this dress.
What does Miss Chichi Rodriguez wear to the Spring Fling dance? This dress! No, little latin boy wearing a dress, you are not a drag queen.... you are a drag PRINCESS!!!
This was one of my favourite dresses actually.. I LIKED the orange/ grey combo and I think it is very industrial and contemporary and modern... kind of cool and Braniff-y...I love that is was floaty and fresh. And thank God!Something other than a micromini!
I am liking what this guy does more and more... it is elegant, simple, pretty and flattering.... I KNOW I picked the right final four.
What is it this season with the Depends as a fashion trend? Diapers are not cute on anyone over 2, me thinks....
This is a cute dress. It was well made and the aqua and cream is pretty.
I am not a big fan of pouffy collar treatments and ruffles but on this dress, it's not so bad. since the colour is so minimalistic.....It was the right amount of drama for that particular dress. I LOVED the lenght on this one.
I love her but the dress was not very well executed. I had problems with the fit and construction of the garment. That is disapointing because she is one of my top favourites.
That thing literaly looked like a pile of steaming shite. It was bloody awful. What was she effing thinking?
That dress would have been BRILLIANT as a full lenght gown. As is? She looks unbalanced and like she forgot her pants.
I do not know if this dress deserved to win but the silhouette was cute and the contruction creative and elaborate. I LOVE grown men and women fashion designers who dress like sk8ter punk bois and grrls. Maybe because while unemployed that is what I've looked like all last year...I don't know... it cheers me up....I think 40 year olds in Affliction, Morphine Generation, Chuck Taylor's and bondage pants is a very NOW zeitgeist.....
What I am happy about is that he won the challenge because I picked him as one of my top 4 and I HATE when they let me down. So far I have accurately picked the final 3 for 3 Seasons...

I am on a roll! This girl did a GREAT job... This dress is classy, elegant , minimal and sales-floor ready. I mean this dress could be Zac Posen and be selling at Nordstrom... and that is a REALLY good thing.
Yikes....If Leanne's is a delightfully scatological tribute to the turd, Wesley's sewed an ode to diarrhea. This thing was so terrible, it edged the other one's repulsiveness.

I don't know... the people this season seem to be kind of extreme...I really liked this challenge and Natalie Portman looked absolutely radiant....
Ms. Cream-Filled Berliner should start taking notes....
She looked like a Vegas ho last night...


buffpuff said...

OMG (I've been away; forgive me for not dropping by sooner). Does this relocation to my Fair City mean you've been accepted by Central St Martins?! How exciting!

Milla said...

Hey there Buffy!!!
I am applying next semester!!!
It means I got a really good day gig here in London and they have me going to a bunch of places in Europe but as soon as things settle down and I am moved into an apartment, back to school I go...
I would love to meet you and chat...
I would love to find out more about the fashion scene and particularly about the plus size side of things here...
Holla girl and we will hang out...
Would love to do tea or something...